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Urban myth breaks paradigm about tehcnology from socialistic and capitalistic ' istic' 'ics' point of view. Mere fantasy.

I am wondering why technology is important and how does it matter? 


  1. Finance : How finance has changed the course of history , from Mafia's to common citizen putting trust on someone else hand especially when bank's when they lend your money to someone else to earn money known as fractional reserve , breaking the myth behind banking analysing the structure and methods which these bank have adopted through various centuries till now. What has changed?.

  2. Human Technology : Accounting requires credit and debit this is an  ardous operations of constantly writing and reading data from a large ledger known as  database this has changed the world inside the banking. We find how technology has supported or increased the headache of banks or the customer.

  3. Theory of Commons : What is common wealth how one defines the spirit of work which goes transnational without any boundaries breaking all the barries. Everything around us reflect the human will even the banking and technology cannot evade out of it. We understand the commons how in the history we have been able to manipulate the pleothera of data on our desires to obtain results as we want.

  4. Money : Unit of account , exchange of value and store of value lets see how this definition has taken a huge leap of shift from credit to debit
    not only the problem which has been there lying since the dawn of human civilisation we will anaylse what money is and how it has changed everything.

  5. Algorithms and AI : Are we overhyping this or we have achived the state of singularity using algorithm which can make descions on our behalf where one can be trustless and connect and interact with machines without any trust which  can also interact using other human beings. Is it pre-future ?

  6. Data : What is data in 21st Century, Does it really help ? It is coming to our knowledge that data has some issues where whether algorithms are biased or are they making perfect descions understanding how data really reflect our choices or it says something else like manipulation.

  7. Human : Understanding how do we behave when we are encountered with the absolute reality and how does our mind create patterns and trust others in this social fabric where one is always connected with others and the problem of human relationship with each other.

This book will cover finance to humanity and focus on social transformation which it brings understands and anlayse topics like politics and capitalistic behaviour, co-relating with Algorithms and how machine interaction can save us from extinction or are we going to doomsday?

Climate change, corruption all account for same thing from scandals involving politicians siphoning off billions of dollars for what? For living good life. Is there something else behind the picture why 1 % holds the power to govern the rest. Topics like consensus and self amendment are discussed in this book.


We are looking for developers, designers and writers to contribute share what they think about the future in terms machine interaction.


We are also looking for co-authors.

Possible Release 

December 2017

Next Release 

March 2018


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